Design: Converse Global Headquarters, Boston

Converse HQ Boston

Yesterday we had the chance to tour the brand new Converse global headquarters along the water at Lovejoy Warf in Boston. After searching for a new space for over a year in the city, the Converse team finally settled on a derelict warehouse space to revitalize and eventually house their new collaborative work environment, its sixth inline retail location featuring a one-of-a-kind customization experience, as well as the third permanent Rubber Tracks studio. The building was literally years in the making, starting with a complete revitalization of the public warf area, taking the wooden boards along the dock, drying them out over two years, and incorporating them into a grand staircase as well as various fixtures that give the space character.

The ten story building houses over 400 employees (with a capacity for 800) within large open co-working spaces which incorporate amazing art, furniture, an archive, a gym, studios, and lounge spaces overlooking the Charles River. The building also features a grand chandelier constricted out of 198 Chuck Taylor sneakers as well as 22 works of commissioned art, set to be auctioned off every twelve months with the proceeds going back to a local art charity.

The global headquarters is truly a space where the creative spirit of the Converse brand will thrive and continue to grow over the years. Take a look at some of our shots of the space below now.

Converse HQ Boston-2

Converse HQ Boston-3

Converse HQ Boston-4

Converse HQ Boston-5

Converse HQ Boston-6

Converse HQ Boston-7

Converse HQ Boston-8

Converse HQ Boston-9

Converse HQ Boston-10

Converse HQ Boston-11

Converse HQ Boston-12

Converse HQ Boston-13

Converse HQ Boston-14

Converse HQ Boston-15

Converse HQ Boston-16

Converse HQ Boston-17

Converse HQ Boston-18

Converse HQ Boston-19

Converse HQ Boston-20

Converse HQ Boston-21

Converse HQ Boston-22

Converse HQ Boston-24

Converse HQ Boston-25

Converse HQ Boston-26