It’s that time of the year to return to the desert to celebrate one of our favourite art biennials, Desert X. The site-specific international art exhibition officially opens on March 4th until May 7th, 2023, with art spread across Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. This year’s exhibition centers around the “social and environmental themes with a focus on the changes that give form to a world increasingly shaped by a climate crisis, globalism, and the political and economic migrations that follow in their wake.” With eleven artists from Europe, North America and South Asia all participating and curated by Neville Wakefield, it will be, as it always is, a moving experience of the sublime.

The pieces within the exhibition run the gambit of poetic and immersive works that span sculpture, painting, writing, architecture, design, film, music, performance and choreography, education, and environmental activism. Building on the social and ecological themes explored in earlier editions of Desert X with newly-commissioned works highlighting the visible forces humans exert on the world, how we design our environments, how we live, and the messaging that reinforces systems that may or may not be beneficial for us. Always a powerful and moving showcase, Desert X stands to share lessons and learnings that we, the observers, take away with you for years to come.

2023’s Participating Artists:

Rana Begum, b. 1977, Bangladesh, based in London
Lauren Bon, b. 1962, USA, based in Los Angeles
Gerald Clarke, b. 1967, USA, based in Anza, California
Paloma Contreras Lomas, b. 1991, Mexico, based in Mexico City
Torkwase Dyson, b. 1973, USA, based in Beacon, New York
Mario García Torres, b.1975, Mexico, based in Mexico City
Hylozoic/Desires (Himali Singh Soin, b. 1987, India, based in London and Delhi and David Soin Tappeser, b.1985, Germany, based in London and Delhi)
Matt Johnson, b. 1978, USA, based in Los Angeles
Tschabalala Self, b. 1990, USA, based in New York
Marina Tabassum, b. 1968, Bangladesh, based in Dhaka
Héctor Zamora, b. 1974, Mexico, based in Mexico City



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The eleven works will be showcased across the Coachella Valley at various sites starting March 4th which means if you’re heading to Palm Springs for Coachella or Stage Coach in April, you’ll be able to check out the pieces if you can’t make the trip down earlier. And of course admission is free.