Denham ‘Byzantine’ Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Denhams Spring Summer 2015-2

A recent addition to the jean fashion world, Denham’s was established in Amsterdam in 2008 by British jeanmaker Jason Denham. After traveling Europe for a while, Denham had the feeling that denim was becoming a bit lackluster. People were losing their enthusiasm for denim, and with that, the Denham label was born in Amsterdam, the denim capital of the world.

Denham releases its Spring/Summer 2015 line, entitled Byzantine. Inspired by the archaeological golden age, the spring collection of denim is aged, artistically weathered and faded without looking raggedy or over processed. The colours are clean and light blues, army green, and khaki, while the fits cater to everything from tight, skinny, slim and regular with Denham’s signature scissor print and split construction pocket inspired by the Denham Garment Library of vintage and antique scissors.

Our personal favourite is the ‘virgin to wash’ theme jeans; a true representations of the lifespan of the a pair of jean.  From the fresh, newly purchased untouched jean, to the faded and distressed look and colour it takes on after years of wear and wash. The colours start at a navy on to lighter blues and then a fresh white with tattered black thread holes as contrast.  The Japanese denim is washed, destroyed and repaired by hand in Japan for an authentic vintage look and feel.

In term of apparel, the collection features a number of tee’s and shirts, some decorated with a 3D looking scissor skull. That scissor pattern is consistent in the women’s panel print tees with the ‘Happy’ Scissor print and the ‘Dancing’ scissor print, as well as outwear, and one heck of a cool jumpsuit.

Take a look through the collection below and look out for it in store starting next month.

Denham Spring Summer 2015-3

Denham Spring Summer 2015-4

Denham Spring Summer 2015-7

Denham Spring Summer 2015-8


Denham Spring Summer 2015-10

Denham Spring Summer 2015-11\

Denham Spring Summer 2015

Denham Spring Summer 2015-13

Denham Spring Summer 2015-14

Denham Spring Summer 2015-16

Denham Spring Summer 2015-17

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Denham Spring Summer 2015-19

Denhams Spring Summer 2015-1