Delicious Food Show 2013 Preview

Delicious Food Show

Maybe it’s because we just got back from Austin where we ate all of the amazing barbecue, but we’re feeling really fat lately, so we thought we’d embrace our rolls and talk a little bit about that thing we all love so much, food, and why we’re really pumped about the Delicious Food Show that’s coming to Toronto later this month which takes over the Better Living Centre October 25-27th. 

Not only does the show boast names like Chuck Hughes, David Rocco (❤ ❤ ❤), Mark McEwan, and that crazy haired Michael Smith, but my own TV mom Martha freaking Stewart will be making an appearance and we’re pretty darn pumped about it. The good thing goddess herself will be at the show on Friday signing copies of her new book Martha Stewart Cakes and we want you to come and stalk her with us at the show. It also just generally seems like a good excuse to eat one of everything at the show, you know, start storing up fat cells for winter right during Toronto Fashion Week!

Head here for more details on the show now.