Death Grips & Mykki Blanco at Wrongbar in Toronto

Last night Sacramento hard-core doom-rappers Death Grips and New York poet rapper Mykki Blanco brought a solid hustle to a sold out crowd at Wrongbar in Toronto. Made up almost entirely of dudes, the crowd waved along to Michael David Quattlebaum Jr., the multi-gendered Mykki Blanco’s rather entertaining, highly engaging performance. Blanco more than did the job of warming up the crowd for the ever more intense Death Grips, using the mic as a prop, and creating an object in the air, with hands shaking showing his commitment. A capella free styling came off more like poetry at times silencing the hyped crowd  who later shouted along during the harder hitting track “Wavvy.”

Stefan ‘MC Ride’ Burnett and Zach Hill hit the stage with hoods and backpacks on, slowly built intensity before even beginning their set, just staring out at the crowd until people got excited and they finally stripped off their shirts. We didn’t get the chance to catch them during CMJ, so after two failed attempts, we were pretty pumped to catch them live. They did not disappoint, and for a Sunday night the crowd came out in full force, crowd surfers and all.

Take a look at our photos below.

Death Grips