Deadly Ponies 2012 Hurrichain Winter Collection

Since we fell head over heels for Deadly Ponies incredible Okapi Rider collection back in the fall (their spring), we thought they couldn’t possibly top the luscious playfulness for the upcoming winter 2012 season and sure enough the Hurrichain has come through, goat fur and all, blowing us away in fabulous shades of magenta, ink, silt, barley, ghana, and an appropriate use of black.

Tremendously crafted in downtown Auckland with cow, deer, and lamb skin, as well as a new quilted felt material which intensively extends onto the brass shoulder straps of some of the bags.  The collection also features a handful of rad felted jewelry in magenta and ink on brass rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Our favourites from the collection are most definitely the Mr. Futon Box, Mr. Book, Mr. Dipalopagus, the classic Mr. Mini Fill N Zip in a fun magenta, and the amazing goat fur Mr Billy Messenger and the Mr. Billy Box. Check out our picks from the collection below, which will be available to purchase on their website shortly.