You can have the chance of a lifetime to see David Bowie’s private art collection up close and personal. Before going up for auction in November, a selected number of pieces amongst Bowie’s 300 piece collection will take a short tour around the world for for you to see. The Bowie estate includes a catalogue of fine art heavyweights from the likes of Damien Hirst, Marcel Duchamp, Henry Moore, Frank Auerbach, and perhaps the most valuable of the lot being a Jean-Michel Basquiat piece expecting to fetch £2.5m – £3.5m.

Personal art collections are just that: deeply personal, and the items a collector is drawn to reflects a whole new layer to one’s life and their interests. Bowie’s legacy as a musician and artist himself just makes the thought of seeing his own collection beyond exciting.

If you’re in South London right now, you can drop by the Sotheby’s HQ between July 20 to August 9 for a first peek. The works will be hitting up Los Angeles (September 20-21), New York (September 26-29), Hong Kong (October 12-15), then making one last viewing in London for a final exhibition between November 1-10 on New Bond Street prior to the auctions on November 10-11.

If you can’t make it out to see bits of the collection, you can always head over to Sotheby’s to order the full catalogue of the collection.

Bowie Basquiat Air Power

Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Air Power”