This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own. This post should not be used to diagnose your allergy symptoms, or the cause of them. Seek a health care professional if you experience any signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction, and always read and follow the label.

Summer is in full swing. The hot lazy days slowly turn to beautiful sunsets that fade away to refreshingly cool nights. It’s what we live for here in Canada, enduring fantastically cold winters. So of course we make every minute of our summer count. It’s reverse hibernation. We’re out soaking up the sun, hanging with friends, meeting people, making “new friends.” ?

Because it’s summer we’re always on the move, so when you suddenly meet that potential special someone in line at your local coffee shop, you act fast, and make plans for the evening. After dinner, as you stroll around the neighbourhood, and maybe end up in your local park hangout spot. Why not? The whole city seems to be there relishing the 9pm sunset. Holding hands (maybe) you stop to take a deep breath to literally smell the roses, and then… a sneeze (oh no!) followed by another one, and another one. Right, you forgot to take a REACTINE®, because for a minute there you thought you “Had this” – to busy today to think ahead. Somehow this gorgeous evening just turned into a watery eyed, sneezy mess. Talking becomes bothersome as you can’t stop itching the roof of your mouth.

As your evening starts to crash around you, you have two choices, you can give up, call it a night, there’s no shame to this, people understand, you can redeem yourself next time, maybe. Or you can be smart and take an REACTINE® Extra Strength Liquid Gels, which works overtime to get you the relief you need and fast.

Decide quickly!

There’s always the option of being prepared especially if you have a date. Be smart, cross off all the necessities from your list reservations, gum, (condoms), deodorant, and don’t forget to check the pollen forecast. It’s a good indicator of how bad your symptoms will be, and of course, pop that REACTINE® before you go.

Planning ahead is the MAJOR ? to success. Also take some time to understand what allergy triggers affect you and how you can manage them. Remember to always have some REACTINE® Extra Strength Liquid Gels and for when your nasal symptoms are at their worst. And if your nose is dry and irritated, give the new all natural-source REACTINE® NaturEase Nasal Spray a try too. As with any medicine be sure it’s right for you, always read and follow the label.

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