For the past couple of years, everything has been Web3 this and blockchain that, NFT Apes etc. While it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming (check out our handy glossary to stay all caught up), it does appear that this Web3 thing is here to stay.  With that in mind, meet Darkblock, a cutting-edge Web3 tool designed for creating unlockable content. A Darkblock is an unlockable add-on for an NFT stored on the blockchain, and only the creator of the NFT can create – and sell – a Darkblock. What this means is that creators will have more oversight and accountability in their creations.

Darkblock technology will allow the creator to partner with photographers across various parties and activations to generate and distribute unlockable NFT event photos. This will allow for rental potential for the protocol, meaning that the use of the pic online will generate income for the artist. “Rental is really important. Darkblocks’ content rental model will allow millions of people to interact with unlockable content through pay-per-view, subscriptions, and other novel ways of monetizing the access. It’s a game-changer in the space,” Darkblock CEO Chris Seline commented. The Darkblock API will give creators access to more tools to upgrade NFTs with unlockable content, meaning the collections can be updated, allowing for subscription-type access similar to that of Patreon or Onlyfans. A very interesting idea.

“Unlockable content is a missing skeleton key in Web3 that will enable thousands of new use cases and creative ecosystems. Our goal is to enable new and existing creators to bring video, books, music, podcasts, e-learning, really any kind of distributed content, to Web3 in new ways,” said Darkblock CEO Chris Seline.

While this may seem a bit confusing (it ain’t easy to fully grasp sometimes) Darkblock has released a little video that actually does a decent job explaining what it is they are doing. Check it out below.