Daphni x Owen Pallett “Julia” / “Tiberius”

Daphni x Owen Pallett

The force behind the electronic group Caribou, Daphni, collaborated with another fellow Canadian, Owen Pallett, bringing us an incredibly bass-y single featuring two tracks, titled “Julia” and “Tiberius”. As a friendly advice upon the release, Daphni tweeted that he recommended a pair of decent speakers “lest you think there’s silence in the middle of the track”. We’ve listened, and yes, we can back that up. The two musicians mix and match jarring violin screeches with dark and ominous glitch noise amongst some sparse clubby and deep bass lines, getting your blood running and also potentially inducing some slight anxiety.

Stream the two tracks below before the single is released “in a week or so” on vinyl via Daphni’s label, Jialong label.