Daft Punk “Random Access Memories: The Collaborators” Series with DJ Falcon Episode 7

Daft-Punk-Random-Access-Memories-The-Collaborators-Series-DJ Falcon-Episode-7

The Creators Project in collaboration with Intel and VICE have released their seventh episode of their fantastically in-depth ‘Daft Punk “Random Access Memories: The Collaborators” Series’. The series features interviews with various artists who collaborated with Daft Punk on their forthcoming Random Access Memories. Today’s episode features an interview with long time friend and collaborator DJ Falcon.

The charm of these interviews is that we, the audience, get a look at the creation of music in a way that is often kept secret. By baring all Daft Punk are effectively bringing the fans into their world. It’s really brilliant marketing. Watch episode 7 below and all the other Collaborators videos here.