We fell in love with Daddy Issues when we saw them open for Diet Cig not long ago and now they’ve dropped their latest single “Locked Out,” off their upcoming full-length vinyl debut Deep Dream.

Singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan gets us right in the feels as she sings “turns out I’m a bummer, I’m not the kind of girl you keep around or kiss in the morning.”

As Moynihan told Stereogum

“It was inspired by a summer fling that didn’t last any longer than pool season. It’s about forgetting or losing your keys, and fortunately having some company, a couch on the porch and nice enough weather to get you through the night.”

Give “Locked Out” a listen here.

Daddy Issues’ debut album Deep Dream comes out May 19 via Infinity Cat Recordings, pre-order it here. They already sold out of their fancy pre-order bundles but it’s not too late to grab yourself a pretty limited edition translucent gold vinyl!