Crystal Castles – New Album, Album Art & Tracklisting

Oh Fun! Let’s give a round of applause for the return of “Glitch-punk” wonder duo Crystal Castles, who are set to drop their sophomore album on June 8.  This second offering has been given the clever title Crystal Castles, yes,  just like the first one… okay.

Apparently producer Ethan Kath and muted screamer Alice Glass recorded the album in various locales such as an Icelandic church, a Canadian cabin, and a Detroit garage, according to their official press release.  The first official single from Crystal Castles’ sophomore album is called “Celestica”, and is due out soon.  Check out the track-listing below.

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles:

01 Fainting Spells
02 Celestica
03 Doe Deer
04 Baptism
05 Year of Silence
06 Empathy
07 Suffocation
08 Violent Dreams
09 Vietnam
10 Birds
11 Pap Smear
12 Not in Love
13 Intimate
14 I Am Made of Chalk