Crystal Castles “Not in Love” featuring Robert Smith

When I first heard Crystal Castles a couple years ago, I was horrified. The clusterfuck of distorted noise and throbbing bass drove me insane! However, when their self-title debut album dropped I felt obliged to give it a listen, I hate being an ignorant hater after-all. By the time I was done, I realized that I had erred in my view on these guy, the single was meh, the album was dope!  Since then I have always had a love for CC albums, and a deep dislike for their singles… until now.

What do you do when you are a hard-as-fuck, grimy-sounding, abrasive pop making, band to make yourself the coolest kids on the block? You hook up with LEGENDARY singer Robert Smith. For those of you who don’t know (shame!) Robert Smith is the vocal talent behind the ever-so perfect band The Cure. Smiths voice, no matter what’s playing behind it can pretty much carry any song, ever so it’s a nice fit that this song is pretty good as well. Smith elevates the song to new heights by striking a perfect balance between old and new, digital and organic. This song makes me so happy!

Give it a listen below!

Crystal Castles – Not In Love (Feat Robert Smith) by _Ricard