Haircare and beauty brand Crown Affair has introduced three special brushes to transform the health of your hair — an all boar bristle, a boar with nylon bristle, and a wood bristle brush.

You can pick and choose between the boar bristle brushes depending on your hairtype (all boar bristle for finer hair and boar with nylon for curlier and thicker hair), adding in the wood bristle for an any time of the day scalp massage. Each brush is handmade in Italy.

The Brush No. 001
A dual bristle brush, best for medium to thick, straight or wavy hair.
Regular brushing with a dual bristle brush helps distribute your hair’s natural oil, giving you healthier strands and a cleaner clean when you wash.

The Brush No. 002
A wooden pin detangling brush for all hair types.
Handmade from beechwood, this everyday brush gently detangles without causing breakage, prevents static, and gives your scalp a nice massage.

The Brush No. 003
A pure boar bristle brush for thin, fine hair, or styling anytime.
This 100% boar bristle gently smooths, detangles, and evenly distributes your hair’s oils for a natural, healthy shine.

The Brush Collection is available now at