CR Fashion Book Presents “Entropy” ft. Childish Gambino’s “Zealots of Stockholm”

CR Fashion Book Childish Gambino

We’ll just come out and say it, Carine Roitfeld you miss are a GOD! CR Fashion Book is quickly becoming one of our favourite publications out there and this EPIC video produced by SWELL pretty much seals the deal. Set to Childish Gambino’s “Zealots of Stockholm” and Annette Hanshaw, the video, directed by Tarik Malak and Timothy Douglas, exposes a slew of models at war by the looks of it in super slow motion. 

Look out for Magda Laguinge, Wang Xiao, Kremi Otashliyska, Pamela Bernier, Mina Cvetkovic, Pauline Hoarau, Zen, Julia Hafstrom, Frida Aasen, Anastasia Ivanova, and Jia Jing in the clip below.