We’re halfway through the month, and if you’re like us, your New Year’s resolutions are probably starting to slip…especially when it comes to working out.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect solution to inspire your gym goals – gear that’s functional, cool, and stylish.

Yes, we’re talking workout wear, and yes, these picks can be worn outside the gym as well so you can master your athleisure aesthetic.

Check out our picks below.

stella sport leggings


1. adidas Stellasport Long Disco Tights, $85

As much as we love our black leggings, they’re getting a bit tired. These adidas STELLASPORT disco tights are the perfect alternative — not only are they more visually appealing but they’re also moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable during your workouts.


2. Varley Barry Carrera Marble Legging, $110

If you’re into prints, try this pair of marble leggings from Varley. They’ll go super well with your marble phone case.

nike pro 3 training shorts

3. Nike Pro Cool Women’s Training Shorts, $32.99

OK, so maybe neon shorts aren’t your jam. But rather than go with basic black (like your leggings), try a metallic version for a bit of pop instead.

reebok sports bra
4. Rebook Cardio Padded Strappy Sports Bra, $55

This moisture-wicking bra is best for medium-impact sports, like a good sweat sesh on the elliptical. Plus, it looks so cool, you’re gonna wanna keep up with those crunches so you can show it off while you work out.

free to be bra

5. Lululemon Free To Be Bra (Wild), $52

Need a bra for lighter-impact sports, such as yoga? Try this criss-crossed version from Lululemon.

pistol crop top

6. Michi Pistol Crop Top, $229.52

This Canadian-made top may not look like it’s meant for the gym, but thanks to its built-in bra and high-performance fabric, it’s versatile enough for a high-performance workout or to wear on a night out.

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