Converse Chuck It Mesh Sneaker

via Uncrate

Now this is something you will rarely see or hear me say, I am really digging Converse Chuck’s these days. I am actually thinking I will go and get me a pair. It is a hard thing for me to say when I am passionately, and romantically in love with my Nike’s, but as one of my homies recently said, “jeans are becoming to skinny to rock a fat tongued pair of dunks with.” He is right, but at the same time a little creative maneuvering of the wardrobe and everything is gravy.

Anyway , the Converse Chuck It Mesh Sneaker modeled after the iconicly classic Chucks, these slip-on All Stars feature a mesh upper with lining at the toes, reinforced metal eyelets, and a textured sole. Perfect for summer.