We know this sounds super weird, but hang in there with us for a minute, sneaker brand Converse is officially launching their e-commerce site in Canada! Yeah, you know that thing all the cool kids have been doing forever? Well now Converse is part of the in-crowd with their dot.ca.

On the upside, Converse is aware of just how long it took them to go live in Canada and as such are now ready to give Canadians easy access to the largest selection of sneakers, apparel and accessories in the country. From the classics to the future classics, from limited drops to the widest range of colours, patterns, prints and fabrics, you can now get them all online at Converse.ca

Speaking of that limited fire, to celebrate the launch Converse.ca is even doing a limited edition restock of the super cool Undefeated One Star’s. #Bless!  Don’t sleep on that.

Head over to Converse.ca now to start your journey through cyberspace and the information superhighway to the wonderful world of INTERNETTING.