Converse All Star Rain Boot


In the last couple of years the rubber boots have been making a serious comeback, from being an essential part of the farmer/Glastonbury concert goer uniform, to the key piece of every hipsters fall outfit.  It also helps that the originators Hunter Wellington, or Wellies, are an extremely durable quality product, making them a solid investment. Well since the recent resurgence in popularity every designer and shoe manufacturing house has tried their hand at making a pair, from Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, to Roxy and now Converse.  The Converse All Star Rain Boot, sold at Urban Outfitters stays true to its roots with a simple lace-up design and Chuck Taylor insignias. The rain boots feature a green rubber upper, attached tongue to prevent water from seeping in, corded laces, a reinforced toe, partial canvas lining, and a durable, grippy sole. Coming in under $100 these boots are a pretty solid competitor for the rubber boot market.