Consonant Skincare, Now Open in Downtown Toronto

Consonant Skincare Downtown Toronto

As a city dweller, I am mindful of the toxins I’m exposed to living in a densely-populated urban centre. After a close friend raised my awareness about the toxic chemicals in most typical skin care products, that mindfulness was extended to what I apply to my skin. It’s not just the ingredients in food you should read…

My sentiments echo the philosophy of Toronto’s born-and-bred Consonant Skincare: “What goes on your body goes in your body”. All ingredients in their skincare range are 100% natural – either certified organic botanicals, oils and butters or 100% naturally derived beneficial skin care ingredients. Consonant is serious about this, because this is what they are all about – not only is their line as healthy as any leading natural brand, but their products are effective.

In addition to their original uptown location (2479 Yonge Street), Consonant is available to downtowners in the PATH (120 Adelaide St. West, Unit R12). The new location is compact yet efficient – no frills, just the cleverly-packaged products proudly on display against a fresh backdrop, designed by Toronto’s Fia & Company.

A great way to try out the line: pick up their Gym & Travel package. Their charming travel bag can be monogrammed (hello perfect gift!), and can be filled with travel-sized versions of their products. Another sure bet, with summer on its way: The Perfect Sunscreen. 100% natural SPF-30 with a touch of Mica tint for an even skin tone? Yes, please. Consonant will also provide free samples of any product, if you want to dip your toe in. I have a feeling you will be hooked, and your skin will thank you.

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