Live Music: Twin Shadow and Foxes in Fiction at The Horseshoe

Wednesday night at an oversold Horseshoe, Bushwick transplant Twin Shadow took to the stage in Toronto for the second time since November when he opened and overshadowed Glasser at the Drake. With Toronto’s chill wave solo act Foxes in Fiction opening this time around, the crowd seemed sufficiently primed to dance when George Lewis Jr. modestly took the stage; the push to get closer was drastic, with some even starting fights to get another inch closer to his irresistibly huge hair.

Starting the set with “Forget”, a track reserved to close out his last set in Toronto, they powered through a good mix of the hard hitting songs like “Castles In The Snow” and “At My Heels” mixed with slower tunes “Shooting Holes” and “Slow”. Though we were only able to catch one of the openers tracks, the show overall seemed quite short in comparison to the headliners last set in the city, which was stretched out while George sat at the merch table stringing his guitar (thankfully still covered in duct tape) before playing a set heavily laden with cute stories and interjections.

With less banter this time around, the show was all business, selling out in under three weeks, leaving us wondering why they had not upgraded the venue. When we spoke with George after the show he mentioned they had originally planned to come back to Toronto to play at a smaller venue than the Drake Underground but still managed to keep it pretty intimate at the Horseshoe.

Judging by our Twin Shadow contest, there were many followers who weren’t able to get a ticket to the show this time around, but we’re sure he’ll be back at some point this year, so they’ll just have to hustle harder next time around.

Feature photo by Hawley, lower shots by Richard Jennings