Common Projects are widely considered to be the best minimalist sneakers you can buy, which is saying a lot considering how many footwear companies there are. Known for its clean, simple designs, and high-quality construction and materials, the American/Italian company is now setting its sights on owning the crown for best Chelsea boots as well. This is a style favoured by celebrities from Kanye West to Kate Moss, noted for its blend of laid-back versatility and rock-star cool, and lucky for us Common Projects just dropped a gaggle of its iteration of the boots in various colourways and materials. Crafted in Italy with butter-soft leather and suede, the shoes also have a crepe sole as opposed to the more traditional hard-bottoms, making for a cloudy and cushioned step. The boots come in mens and womens sizes, ensuring that everyone has a chance to step out in style this winter. Check out the selection of colourways here, and head to END. to purchase a pair before they surely sell out.

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