Coloud Headphones & Earbuds – Review

Coloud Headphones & Earbuds - Review

We recently had the opportunity to test out several different headphones and earbuds from Coloud. We figured the best was to really put them to the test was to give them to a couple of different people on the Sidewalk Hustle team and let them play. We gave a pair to our Technology writer Danielle Ray, Music writer Kate Killet, and I kept one for myself; here’s what we had to say about them.

The Boom

As a gamer I’m big on sound quality, and so I was stoked to be able to try out something new over the ear headphones for my everyday music. To begin, I’ll tell you that the overall sound quality of the headphone was actually quite good. They are noise cancelling which means I don’t have to blast my music to be able to hear it, especially while riding a busy subway. That said, when I feel like blasting music, the sound does not lose quality as I turn up the volume.

The headphone cord is an interesting one. While it looks pretty awesome, being a long flat piece of plastic, it has a tendency to get wrapped up in itself, severely shortening the length. Although, the best part about the cord is that it is covered in another nifty piece of plastic from the headphone jack for about an inch an a half, to protect the cord near the jack from getting too damaged. I thought this was a great idea as I’m someone who is constantly killing headphones because of that one piece of cord.

As an overall package I’m a fan of these headphones. They look awesome and they have good sound quality.


The Pop

These earbuds do indeed pack a punch. With S, M and L ear caps you can snap on the size that fits your ear holes the snuggest, and BOOM sound (if you’re plugged into something that is)! With a thick black linguini like “tangle free” cord you’ll always be good to go when fishing them out of the bottom of your bag. There’s even a mic/remote so you can change-up your jams without having to claw inside your bag mid walk/bike/transit trip. Instead of the average small and tiny earbuds, The Pop… well… pops!


The Knock

Normally I don’t wear headphones unless I’m in the house, because I don’t like covering my head with a band, as it either clashes with my hat or messes up my hair. However for the sake of giving these headphones a proper test I wore them for the day. The headphones themselves are a good size. They are slightly bigger than I would personally like, but overall they are a good size that most people will enjoy and find very comfortable. The sound quality was good, and having the Play/Stop button with a mic is key.

However, there is also a slight problem with this, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the cord itself or the plastic over top. When the cord near the headphone jack rustles and moves around too much you can actually hear a static noise throughout the headphones. I leave my phone in my pocket when listening to music, so when I walk the cord has a tendency to bounce around. Of course this means that I’m almost constantly treated to a slight static noise in the background of my music. While this is not necessarily the end of the world as you do eventually tune it out, it is a design flaw and one that can be quite annoying.

Otherwise they are good for the price point and look pretty darn cool to boot!


Grey and Green

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