College Dropout 10th Anniversary “The Samples” x Gianni Lee and Mike Blud


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Kanye West’s debut album, “College Dropout,” our new favourite producer Gianni Lee hooked up with Mike Blud. The two put together all the original samples from an album that was more than timely and shaped rap as we know it today. The real beauty of any Kanye album was, and is, that while they were perfect for the time they were released, they’re still relevant years later.

Peep the track list and stream all the greatness below.

1. Dropout interlude – prod. gianni Lee ft. Stackz
2. Jimmy Castor Bunch – I Just Wanna Stop (We Don’t Care)
3. Lauryn Hill – Mystery Of Iniquity (All Falls Down)
4. Marvin Gaye – Distant Lover (Spaceship)
5. The Arc Choir – Walk With Me (Jesus Walks)
6. Curtis Mayfield – If There’s a Hell Below We’re All Going to Go (Jesus Walks)
7. Blackjack – Maybe it’s The Power of Love (Never Let Me Down)
8. Jackie Moore- Precious Precious (Breathe In Breathe Out)
9. Aretha Franklin – Spirit In The Dark (School Spirit)
10. Luther Vandross – A House is Not A Home (Slow Jamz)
11. Mandrill – Peace & Love (Two Words)
12. Chaka Khan – Through The Fire (Through The Wire)
13. 2pac – Ambitionz Az A Ridah (Family Business)
14. Bette Midler – Mr Rockefeller (Last Call)
15. Jay Z – Hovi Baby Remix (Never Let Me Down) (Bonus)