Cole Haan Air Ashby Oxford

via Uncrate

One of the most commonly accepted truths about fashion is that stylish, good looking cloths or shoes are in no way comfortable. It is a choice we all make to look stunning, it’s just the way it goes. Well thank goodness for Cole Haan who makes stunning footwear both for men and women, and since they are owned by Nike, have added Nike Air Cushioning to all of their shoes. Yes that’s right, even the high heels! Thus making a potentially uncomfortable position markedly less so.

Keeping in line with this, we are pleased to show you the new Cole Haan Air Ashby Oxford dress shoe for men. A solid all-day dress shoe, that is plain, simple, and eloquently dignified, and features a genuine crepe sole for natural cushioning, a plain-toe design, a hand-burnished leather upper, leather and fabric lining, and of course the concealed Nike Air cushioning for maximum comfort. This wonderfully demur and surprisingly comfortable shoe is a perfect option for both work, and play. It is available at Cole Haan stores and online at Nordstrom.