As much as we’d like to believe winter cramps our style, that is not always the case.

The key to great winter style lies all in the accessories, that is, the stuff that’s gonna protect you from the Arctic chills and blizzard-like conditions. Pile them on top of your puffy coat, cozy sweaters and non-winter-looking winter boots, and you’ve got yourself a winter #OOTD worthy enough for the ‘gram.

Sure, looking cool while still staying warm takes work, but the end result is well-worth the effort.

Check out our fave cool girl accessories below.

1. Ann Demeulemeester White Pleated Sleeves, $550.

Sure, $550 sleeves may seem a bit extra at first, but think about it: These pleated arm warmers can easily be paired with short-sleeved or sleeveless items, allowing you to get more wear out of clothing that are usually stored away for winter. They’re also perfect for when the office gets cold.

2. Opening Ceremony Puffer Scarf, $252.30.

We all know the puffer coat is having a moment right now, so take the trend to the next level by sporting this badass puffer scarf. Again, it’s great for keeping you warm indoors, especially when you’re visiting that friend who turns the heat off to save on hydro.

3. Champion + UO Beanie, $29.

Since we all have a thing for nostalgic athletic brands and millennial pink, this beanie makes perfect sense, no?

4. COS Leather Zip Mittens, $115.

In keeping with the pink theme, these leather zip mittens are the perfect alternative to your basic black pair. Plus, they’re lined in cashmere so they’ll feel extra luxe.

5. Opening Ceremony Faux Fur Baseball Hat, $63.07.

OK, so maybe this cap isn’t the best option for keeping you warm, but a faux fur cheetah print version is a good option to replace your Jays hat with, at least for the time being.

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