Cocktail Hour: Pimms Cup

Cocktail Hour Pimms Cup

Some of our greatest memories are made during the summer months, so why not have a super simple cocktail recipe on hand to compliment the season, like a delicious Pimms Cup! If you haven’t ever tried one of these super refreshing cocktails, they’re perfect for pretty much anytime of day including brunch, lunch, before diner or as a post dinner aperitif. It’s also great to drink during the daytime, since it’s lower in alcohol than other cocktails.

While it’s a pretty simple cocktail anyone can easily make with just a few ingredients, you’d be amazed at how many people (even restaurants) completely miss the mark on the magic of the Pimms Cup. Using bar lime (yuck!) instead of fresh lemon, juice instead of simple syrup, lack of elegant garnish, or soda in place of ginger ale can really change the flavour of the way this cocktail can taste.

While this drink is usually fairly casual in comparison to a sour or martini, we decided to elevate the appearance of it utilizing some amazing local seasonal fruit. This recipe is also amazing served at large summer parties on elegant an platter.



2 oz Pimms #1
¾ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup
3 Cucumber Slices
Fresh Mint
Assorted Fresh Fruit (we’ve used strawberry, blueberry & peach)
Fever Tree Ginger Ale


Arrange fresh fruit, mint leaves, and cucumber slices in layers alternating with ice in a Collins glass. Measure Pimms, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup into  the base of a cocktail shaker. Shake over ice until well-chilled and strain into the glass and top with ginger ale. Garnish with a beautiful sprig of mint.

For large parties this cocktail can also be pre-batched by combining the non-carbonated ingredients into a large jug and shaken in large batches. Simply and measure out 3¼ ounces of the chilled mixture into glasses and top on mass.

Pimms Cup Cocktail House