Cocktail Hour: Bourbon Bramble

Bourbon Bramble

Next up in our cocktail hour series we’re taking bourbon into sweeter territory, without the help of simple syrup, which is often a regular edition in most cocktails. I originally started drinking brambles with gin, how they are traditionally made, but then I thought, why not enjoy them with bourbon as well, especially in the summer months! It’s a really great way to start drinking bourbon if you’re just getting into it, and these babies go down easy with the  alcoholic taste of the mixture hidden by the natural sweetness of the liqueurs.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? What are you waiting for, mix a couple of these cocktails up now!


1 oz Elderflower Liqueur
1 oz Bourbon
½ oz Cassis
Juice of Half A Lemon

Arrange lemon wheel on the side of a small tumbler or rocks glass and fill with crushed ice. Combine all above ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until mixture is well-chilled. Double strain into the glass, garnish with fresh currants (or slice a blueberry in half as we’ve done here) and enjoy!