We’ve got Valentine’s Day on our minds this week so we thought we’d share a recipe that’s long been a favourite to serve to our friends and lovers. Not only does this drink perfectly balance smokey and sweet, it’s also great to make in the winter months when blood oranges are at their peak of deliciousness.

Originally created in the 1920’s after the film by the same name starring Rudolph Valentino, this scotch-based cocktail also made it into the Savoy Cocktail Book, which is an excellent reference every bartender should own. The original recipe balances equal parts scotch, blood orange juice, cherry herring, and sweet vermouth, but we like to use slightly more scotch for that extra kick, because it’s notoriously difficult to use in mixed drinks.

If you’re planning to serve this drink at your Valentine’s Day brunch, because duh, it’s the perfect shade of deep red, you can add extra blood orange juice to the below recipe and serve in a champagne flute or highball glass to make it a little longer and less stiff.

Hope the below recipe stirs up cupids bow for you this Valentine’s Day!

Blood and Sand Cocktail-2

1oz Blended Scotch
¾oz Blood Orange Juice
¾oz Cherry Herring
¾oz Sweet Verymouth

Mix above ingredients in a cocktail shaker and with ice. Double strain and garnish with a cherry and or Blood Orange rind.

Blood And Sand Cocktail-3