Cocktail Hour: Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets

As temperatures continue to cool off, we’ve been finding ourselves reaching for stiffer cocktails in the evenings. Thus we’ve decided to share the recipe for an interestingly complex cocktail, bordering on vulgar, called Between The Sheets. Not the Isley Brothers song, but a smutty concoction with way too much alcohol.

Composed of two main liquors, Rum and Cognac, which is generally not recommended, however, during Prohibition with alcohol prices soaring, a cocktail that was said to lead to “sudden intoxication” might have been a welcomed side effect back then. When you read the ingredients of this cocktail, you might be a tad turned off, but don’t be, it’s a deliciously unexpected slow sipper, perfect for fall.

This recipe has been adapted slightly from the original, using dark Rum instead of light, Cognac instead of Brandy, Cointreau instead of Triple Sec, and a touch of water to stretch and balance things. Credit should be given to popular Sydney bar The Baxter Inn, which is where we first tried this forgotten gem of a cocktail.


1oz Havana Club 7
1oz Hennessy
1oz Lemon Juice
½oz Cointreau
½oz Simple Syrup
½oz Water
Lemon Twist


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with large chunks of ice. Shake until the cocktail shaker is well chilled and hard to handle. Double strain into a martini glass and garish with a twist of lemon.