Sunday April 12th marked the closing day of weekend 1 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The whole weekend was, as always, a fantastic mix of sun, art, music, and overall good vibes. With weekend one officially over, we can now say that the 2015 music festival season is officially underway.

Highlights from Day 3 include an incredible set from St. Lucia who performed their special version of tropical-electro, perfectly fitting for the hot desert heat. A “no phone” set from St. Vincent in which she welcomed all the “weirdos and others” to rock the fuck out with her. It was great. Oh and it looks like she got a new new hair cut. Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine put on an incredible set that took the Coachella fans to new heights of musical ecstasy, before taking off her shirt and running around the crowd in her bra.

Lastly Drake coming out in a winter parka like a good Canadian boy, except for the fact that we were in the desert and it was 30 degrees Celsius. During his 90-moinute set, Drake performed truncated versions of his seemingly endless hits, with no guest appearances except for Madonna who joined him on stage to perform “Madonna,” a cut from his recent mix tape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. After that appropriately timed appearance, she went on to sing a medley of her own tracks, including “Human Nature,” “Hung Up” and “Bitch I’m Madonna.” Then she aggressively kissed him while he sat in a chair, then she said, “Bitch, I’m Madonna” and walked away.

Overall it was a great weekend of music and a particularly good one for Toronto, with two of the headliners coming from the city we call home.

Take a look at our pictures from day 3 weekend one below.



Drake Coachella 2015-2

Drake Coachella 2015-4

Drake Coachella 2015-5

Drake Coachella 2015-6

Drake Coachella 2015-7

Drake Coachella 2015

Drake Coachella 2015-3

Florence + The Machine

Florence and the Machine Coachella-2

Florence and the Machine Coachella-3

Florence and the Machine Coachella-4

Florence and the Machine Coachella-5

Florence and the Machine Coachella-6

Florence and the Machine Coachella-7

Florence and the Machine Coachella

St. Vincent

St Vincent Coachella 2015-2

St Vincent Coachella 2015

St. Lucia
St Lucia Coachella 2015-2

St Lucia Coachella 2015-3

St Lucia Coachella 2015-4

St Lucia Coachella 2015-5

St Lucia Coachella 2015

Panda Bear

Panda Bear Coachella 2015-2

Panda Bear Coachella 2015-3

Panda Bear Coachella 2015