Coach Transatlantic Carry-On

via Uncrate

After my recent adventure to New York City, the importance of having a good carry-on bag has never been so obvious. With everyone having to pay an extra $25 to check their luggage and then having it rummaged through and spilled all across the conveyor belt, I was able to easily and happily get in and get out of the airport with the least amount of fuss imaginable. Chuckling the whole time about packing appropriately.

So keeping with that theme, Coach has come out with the ever-so stylish Transatlantic Carry-On made from premium glove-tanned leather that will gain patina and character with age. Featuring two inner pockets and one outer pocket, fabric lining on the interior, a zip-tip closure, sturdy leather double handles, an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, and polished nickel-finished hardware this bag is the pinnacle of stylish luggage for the man who absolutely hates spending one second longer in an airport then he has too.

I love my new carry-on, but this one is seriously slick as F**K.