CMW 2014: Operators at Silver Dollar, Toronto

Operators Silver Dollar

Toronto was introduced for the first, second and third time to Dan Beockner’s Operators over CMW. Checking out the final evening of their residency at the Silver Dollar, it was tough to really know what to expect due to the fact that there weren’t any tracks online.

But once hands hit keys and chest caught synths were felt, it was obvious that this new project wasn’t a reflection of his previous bands but instead stood on the shoulders of his past experiences. “I wanted the first time anyone heard these songs to be in a fucking club” exclaimed Dan, before delivering an electronic dance filled hour and half set. Operators blew away all expectations along with every music goer in the venue. Wrapping up the evening with Wolf Parade’s “Shine a Light” alongside punk rock buddies Japandriods was a great and familiar touch.

Couldn’t be more stoked to hear the official released from Operators. Until then, we need to deal with these dance blisters.