Clinique Launches ‘Smart Ideas’ Partnership with TED

Clinique has truly taken beauty to another level with the announcement of their recent partnership with non-profit organization TED. Through social media and the support of TED, Clinique has set out to find the next smart idea, to be submitted online at Clinique by September 30th 2015. Clinique hopes to engage and inspire women all over the world to share their intelligence, aspirations and creativity. The winning idea will receive funding $20,000 in funding to make their idea into a reality, and have the opportunity to share their idea with the women profiled in the Smart Women series at the TED Women Conference in 2016.

With this campaign in full stride, Clinique reminds us that beauty truly does stars from within, and that each and every woman is capable of doing anything they put their mind too. Watch the campaign trailer above now and check out some of the SmartWomen series videos below now.