Clinique has long been a brand that focuses on the bigger picture. For decades, through products like their iconic 3-Step system the brand has been inspiring confidence in so many women every single day.

This season they’re continuing that mission with their #DifferenceMaker campaign, seeking to inspire confidence in women while proving that one change really can make a difference.

Going beyond what’s just skin deep, Clinique has partnered with six trailblazing women from around the world to help empower others to make positive changes in their community or personal life, no matter how big or small that change might be, just as these women did.

Actress and Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez wants to make education more readily available for everyone while Erendira Ibarra, Mexican philanthropist and actress in the Netflix original series Sense 8, wants to redefine the word justice to mean love. Former British Olympian Victoria Pendleton aims to inspire young women not to set limits on themselves, while South African model Jessica Nkosi fights for the future generation of leaders by delivering children the support they need in their formative years.

German-based TV host Nazan Eckes, strives to make a difference through education and literacy development, while the award-winning Taiwanese actress Ning Chang promotes a healthy lifestyle that improves quality of life and mental well-being.

By sharing their personal stories, these six women prove that one change really can make a difference, and together with Clinique, they’ve kick-started a movement to inspire us to be change agents in our own lives.

The Difference Maker campaign also supports The Clinique Difference Initiative, a charitable platform created to help women build the courage to be their best selves through healthcare and educational charities around the world such as Room To Read, a non-profit organization with chapters across Canada, dedicated to improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

Just as making one small change in your everyday skincare routine can have a huge impact on your complexion, health, and ultimately your overall confidence; making a small, positive change in your personal life or in your community can ultimately affect us all.

It might be something as simple offering a subway token to someone in need, donating clothes to a shelter, smiling at a stranger, or passing along a concert ticket to the newbie in your office.

We here at Sidewalk Hustle are behind the Difference Maker campaign 100% and are so lucky to be able to share content we truly love every single day across our platforms. We’ve partnered with Clinique to help spread this incredible message of positive change online with you and we hope to inspire you to do the same.

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Be sure to check out these powerful videos from Clinique’s storytellers below.

This post was sponsored by Clinique however views and opinions expressed are my own.