Christian Louboutin Launches ‘Louboutinize’ App

Christian Louboutin Louboutinize

After launching a new range of lipsticks just last week, Christian Louboutin continues to take over the shoe-loving world with a brand new app. Yes, you read that correctly. The app, entitled ‘Louboutinize,’ is mainly built around photo filters, where you can take your average Instagram to the next level with three photo filters that add a sprinkling of Louboutin-ness to your pic. The ‘Rouge” filter washes your photo with Louboutin’s signature shade of red, while
“Legs” adds a playful pair of legs (specifically the legs of Dita Von Teese, a horse, soccer player, ballerina or matador) to your photo, and finally the third “Crystalize” filter gives your pic a crystal-like wash.

Download the app now for free over at the App Store. Hey, at least it’s cheaper than a pair of shoes!