Christian Louboutin has joined forces with New York-based artist CJ Hendry for a colourful art exhibition that will launch at Art Basel next week in Central, Hong Kong.

The exhibit, entitled “Complementary Colors,” will feature over 50 pieces of colourful oil paint blobs created with wax pencils.

In a recent interview with WWD, the iconic French designer mused over working with Hendry:

“There is something I love in her work that is very playful and you can feel the artisanship. Some artists now are quite industrial in their approach but in her work you almost find a patina, a handcraftsmanship in the way she uses colors. But it’s more our complete differences, which make it interesting – to have a point of view that is not like yours is nice. It is engaging and enriching.”

Interestingly enough, Hendry has only ever worked in black and white, so we love that she’s stepping out of her comfort zone.

“Complimentary Colors” will open at the Fringe Club on 2 Lower Albert Road in Central, Hong Kong on March 21.