Chloé Sevigny by KT Auleta For Blast Magazine Blue Winter Edition

Chloé Sevigny sure knows how to promote. She just released her latest collaborative collection with Opening Ceremony emphasizing tights and leggings also worn in this editorial from the special Blue Winter edition of the french magazine Blast, guest edited by legendary concept shop colette.

Shot by New York-based fashion photog and film maker KT Auleta the rather revealing editorial highlights her current collection and is accompanied by an interesting yet lengthy interview. Read a badly translated snippet from the interview below and be sure to check out the rest of the photos from the editorial.

Chloe, thank you for having us with you! – This is not my home, but as I work in Los Angeles for six months, I sublets and I just have some stuff to me here, a little art, few things that remind me of my home but it’s just a temporary apartment!

Do you like LA? – Yes, but I live in New York. I’m in LA six months a year to turn the series Big Love . So I would say I work harder here than I saw there. But I would not choose to live here, they simply need to go where there is work! Like all cities it has its ups and downs, but there are some very positive things in LA such as a large arts community and many places dedicated to art.

What is your favorite artist? – My favorite artist in Los Angeles? I really like Mike Kelley and Ed Ruscha.Jeffrey Deitch, which took over the leadership of MoCA, it will give things super exciting. They have many great cultural institutions, the Hammer Museum at MoCA …

You buy art? – Yes. On a small scale. When I earn more money, I can buy more! (Laughs) It’s so expensive! It is a very expensive hobby!

What you have in your collection? – I have a lot of Rita Ackermann, a friend for years, and Dan Colen. Oh God! I know!

You feel more comfortable in fashion or in the movies?
– (laughs) It’s a funny way of seeing things, but I guess I feel more comfortable in the universe the mode where I have more friends in all trades associated with the user also in Hollywood where people are more competitive and more reserved. In fashion, people are more fun. Sure I’d rather go to a party organized by people of fashion that film people!These are two very different vibrations. I think people have more freedom in fashion.

Mr Nice released in France in the spring and tells the story of Howard Marks. His life is pretty crazy! What kind of woman you incarnate in this film? – I play the role of love and the accomplice of the hero.They have a great love story and many children and lived for several years a very glamorous life while Howard was selling hash to the ton. But then he went too far and he got tight: it has paid a high price and had to raise her children alone for fifteen or twenty years without him. The children have also suffered the consequences of his lifestyle.

There is a large retrospective exhibition of work by Larry Clark in Paris, the exhibition has been prohibited for children under eighteen years. When you think back to kids that you shot with him, what comes to your mind?
– I think it always comes out of the lot and it’s a great movie. It is aesthetically beautiful, it has a very interesting message and it really captures the essence of New York in the 1990s, in a light very fair and true. I think this film will remain for a long time a reference to both the cinema and for adolescents. It’s a cult film that certainly marked the history of cinema … why they have censored the show? Because of the nudity or the drugs? For these two reasons and youth issues, I think … You see, they did the same thing in London with photos of Brooke Shields by Richard Prince.

What is your relationship to nudity?
– Well, I had no problem when I was younger but over time I became more “self-conscious” and it’s harder for me now that I am oldest because I feel less sure of my physical. I’ve done nude photos for Purple but I’ve always chosen photographers gay or women. I do not like my picture taken by a hetero guy (she laughs).