Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck – "Heaven Can Wait" Video

Often times a really great video can make or break the track and this Charlotte Gainsbourg song, which features Beck (who also produced her latest album IRM), is perhaps some of the best new music i’ve heard in a long time.

Though IRM came out late last year and missed many best of 2009 lists (including ours), it rightfully belongs somewhere near the top, just listen once and you’ll understand why.

The video for “Heaven Can Wait” greatly adds to the already amazing song and features is a deliciously random contextless stream of images (much like the ones that circulate through our inboxes on a daily basis) with Beck and Gainsbourg spotted through accordingly. The director, Keith Scholfield is notorious for his mischievous videos, and this one is no exception.

Check it out below! Also, if you aren’t already looping IRM get to it darlings!