Changing Fashion Trends

Fashion plays an important role in one’s life as it involves a daily task of selecting what clothing to wear. Many select their attire for a number of reasons including self-expression as well as wanting to keep up to date with changing trends. The fashion industry is a rapidly changing industry with trends constantly coming and going.

Within the past two decades alone, there have been some important changes within fashion trends. During the 1980’s, many of the fashions were inspired by pop music stars such as Madonna. Women wore outfits with baggy oversized tops and skin tight leggings. Loose fitting parachute pants were also popular but they were paired with a tight fighting crop top. Essentially, a loose garment was paired with a more form fitting one. Layers were also introduced. Accessories were also important in 80’s fashion and the old adage less is best wasn’t even a thought. Chunky jewellery like bangle bracelets and necklaces made of colourful large beads were popular. Hoop earrings were also part of the look and they were oversized as well. In keeping with the size of accessories, hair reached new heights as the big hair was the norm, shellacked with hair spray to maintain its height.

What the 80’s had in over embellishment, the 90’s sought the opposite in high fashion with a minimalist style. Slip dresses made of sheer fabric hit runways with neutral colours like white, black and grey being popular. On the other hand, Canadian youth of this decade embraced the grunge look with baggy trousers and vivid floral prints. Particularly popular were combat trousers designed similar to those worn by the military. Hip hop artists of this decade were an influence on fashion as fans emulated their style.

With the dawning of a new century, also came another evolution in fashion trends. In the new millennium, fashion was about fusing various trends into one look. Vintage clothing from past decades were inspiration for designers who put their own spin on these classic designs. Women’s clothing returned to a more feminine style with denim skits, low rise jeans and halter tops. The tunic dress was popular with a thin belt at the waist. This eclectic approach to fashion is still hip today as many scour vintage clothing stores for items to pair with modern pieces. It seems like today anything goes in fashion with Canadians putting together different styles to express themselves.

As fashion continues to change moving forward, it will be interesting to see what new trends will develop or if past styles will continue to provide inspiration to today’s top designers. Regardless of what styles ebb and flow, the consumer is always able to create their own personal style.