Yesterday Chance the Rapper dropped by the Ellen Show to perform his feel-good hit “No Problem” for the audience, tearing up a mock-record label office and letting papers go awry. Because Ellen can make anything happen on her show, 2Chainz and Lil Wayne stepped on stage to perform their featured verses. While Lil Wayne remains in a never-ending public beef with label head Birdman of Cash Money records, he snuck in a couple clever bars about getting played by labels: “And if that label try to stop me/I’m gon’ let ’em rob me/Yeah, right, like Ryan Lochte.”

After the performance, Chance sat down with Ellen to have a chat about his career and rise to popularity without a record deal. Chance let’s the audience know his appearance was all made possible by a drunken, serendipitous meeting with Ellen at President Barack Obama’s birthday party this year. After dropping his mixtape Coloring Book in May and watch it become the first stream-only ‘album’ to chart the Billboard 200, Chance the Rapper is out there having the best year of his life.

Watch Chance the Rapper take over the Ellen Show in the clips of his performance and couch interview below.