Scratch that headline. We could never say goodbye to the legend known as David Bowie aka Davy Jones, Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, or our freaky hero who lived a million lives and touched a million souls. Here’s a couple of our favourtie Bowie clips, interview snippets and such to commemorate and celebrate his stunning, radical and ever inspiring body of work. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg and when it comes to a career as vast and great as Bowie’s no blog post can’t do true justice. So fall down the rabbit hole, with 25 albums to his name there’s so much sound and vision to sink into. And remember, we’re all made of stardust.


BBC Tonight – 1964

A clip of lil Bowie, then known as Davy Jones, at the tender age of 17, speaking out about his beliefs in luscious locks and his role as the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-Haired Men.


“Starman” Top Of The Pops – 1972

A classic clip in which the Starman in question touches down on humble Earth, enlightens us with his song and all the children boogie.


The 1980 Floor Show Midnight Special – 1973

Set aside the 40 minutes for this one. Filmed from 18th – 20th of October 1973 at the Marquee Club in London (originally airing on NBC the 16th of November 1973), this special acts as a Bowie variety show featuring costume changes, covers and choreography (dancers literally spell BOWIE with their bodies). There’s matching unitards, specific sets, sparkly props, and all that classic Bowie charisma. All that plus “Space Oddity” – take us there Bowie.


What does David Bowie Think About David Bowie?” – Interview with Russell Harty – 1973

When asked “Do you indulge in any form of worship?” Bowie responds “Life. I love life very much indeed.” He also describes his fan mail as sexy.

“Rebel Rebel” – 1974

Bowie as Halloween Jack, struts around in this video for his classic Diamond Dogs track. BRB, getting an eyepatch to match.


Interview with Iggy Pop on Dinah Shore – 1977

“I’m a cyborg” Bowie laughs as he compares the contrast in how he and Iggy write music. Just a couple of bros, getting into it.


The Tonight Show – 1980

“He’s gonna do two songs for us about space” casually remarks Johnny Carson as he introduces Bowie, who then punches the audience in the heart with powerful live renditions of “Life On Mars” and “Ashes To Ashes”.


“Station to Station” Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo – 1981

A clip from the German film which focuses the drug scene in Berlin circa the 1970s. Bowie also composed the soundtrack. Add to your list of films to watch.


Labyrinth – 1986

Another to add to the list of must see Bowie films. If you’ve yet to see Labyrinth, clear you schedule. Bowie plays Jareth, the Goblin King in this Jim Henson cult classic. Michael Jackson and Sting were both considered for the role, but you just can’t compete with Bowie’s magical powers now can you?


Interview with Trent Reznor on Alternative Nation – 1995

They make do with the nervous host and talk about touring together & Vanilla Ice. Guess which Bowie alter-ego Reznor would choose to dress up as.


Basquiat – 1996

He plays Andy Warhol. What more is there to say? Icons on icons.


Bowie and Iman on Rosie O’Donnell Show – 1997

Skip to 50 seconds in for Bowie. Around the 2:25 min mark, Bowie plays a quick acoustic “China Girl” take for Rosie and then his gorgeous partner Iman joins him. They exchange romantic glances and wear matching black leather looks.


Zoolander – 2001

We couldn’t resist, because as if being a talent musical genius wasn’t enough, Bowie was also super funny. Which reminds us….

Extras – 2007

Hilarious and brilliant. Ricky Gervais insults have never been so delightful.


“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” – 2013

Tilda Swinton & Bowie together is always a winning combo. See also “Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA)” for 10 minutes of bliss.


“Lazarus” – 2016

Because there’s no other way to bring this to a close.