We can’t wait to hear Charlift’s upcoming record Moth and we love Caroline Polachek’s solo work as Ramona Lisa, so it’s no surprise that we’re loving this new original piece Polachek has written for MAKE Beauty. Based on the Greek myth of Endymion and directed by Adam McClelland, the piece features Polachek as the moon goddess Selene, as she sings of her infatuation with a handsome shepherd. She asks upon Zeus to make him forever beautiful & Zeus grants her wish, but with a tragic twist, putting him into eternal sleep.

Watch the stunning video above. You can download “The Boy Who I’ll See Again” over at MAKE Beauty. You should also watch Chairlift’s fantastic video for “Ch-Ching” seeing as we’ve got it on repeat. Chairlift’s Moth is due out January 2016 via Columbia.