It’s hard to believe it was just barely over one year ago Canadian Pop Queen Carly Rae Jepsen released EMOTION. After Jepsen revealed she recorded over 200 songs for EMOTION in an interview with Time last year, fans begged for more. Now we can all enjoy even more 80s pop goodness off Jepsen’s new album, EMOTION SIDE B.

EMOTION was a critically acclaimed album that became an instant cult classic to anyone willing to dig into the star’s follow-up to “Call Me Maybe” fame. Aside from the great injustice EMOTION suffered from low sales, Jepsen’s had a phenomenal year following EMOTION‘s release: she’s had a sold out tour promoting the album and is a strong contender for the 2016 Polaris Prize. EMOTION SIDE B is so good that we’re willing to bet Jepsen will be up for 2017’s Polaris Prize shortlist.

Stream EMOTION SIDE B on Spotify below.