Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: How to Beat Allergies

Street Style

I’m always on the go, from store openings, to music festivals, traveling across the city and across the world in the never-ending pursuit of cool. A couple of years ago, once the cruel winter ended, I was hit with an onslaught of annoying, constant symptoms. From an itchy mouth, to a barrage of sneezing and itchy eyes, I couldn’t understand what was happening. This had literally never happened to me before. After a quick Google, using a touch of common sense, I realized that I was suffering from ragweed allergies. I was taken aback; can an adult get allergies? Apparently yes, and seeing as I’m on the move, constantly interacting with people getting my picture taken, I absolutely couldn’t be sneezing, red-eyed and congested. It simply wouldn’t do. After talking with my pharmacists and trying a couple of different brands, I ended up using Non-Drowsy REACTINE® Extra Strength tablets as my go-to allergy medicine of choice.

It’s remarkable how one pill can change your entire disposition and demeanor. It can start to work in 20 minutes and relieves symptoms for 24 hours, taking you from a sneezing, sickly mess, to a normal functioning human. What I learned, the hard way, is that REACTINE® isn’t only for when you feel the symptoms of ragweed coming on, it’s best served when taken daily while you suffer during allergy season, because your body constantly maintains an even level of antihistamines, providing continuous relief from symptoms (talk to your doctor for daily use beyond 6 months).

Since discovering that adults can acquire allergies later in life, a pack of REACTINE® is always in my carry on. There is nothing worse than arriving at a new destination, like Coachella in Palm Springs, and being figuratively crippled with an allergy attack. The world is a weird place, thankfully with REACTINE® I can still look as cool as always.

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.