Candid with Miguel at Roots Canada, Toronto

Candid with Miguel at Roots Canada

Yesterday we stopped by the Roots flagship store in Toronto to do what we usually do when one of our favourite artists comes to town. Instead of hanging out at the venue or hotel with other journalists and photographers waiting for their interview with Miguel we had the pleasure of listening to one instead.

Roots designer and creative director Adrian Aitcheson sat down with LA’s hottest shirtless wonder Miguel before his show tonight with Alicia Keys at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. We couldn’t think of a more interesting tuned-in person than Aitcheson to talk to the Grammy Award winning artist about two of our favourite topics, music and fashion. Aitcheson warmed into the interview by asking Miguel about what makes his mission and approach to music unique, how fashion influences his life and music, before launching into a list of short quick questions like “Chucks or Jordans”, “Bowie or Jagger”, and “Fedora or Fitted”, to which he answered Chucks, Bowie, and neither.

See why we’ve knicknamed Miguel the shirtless wonder by reading our review of his last solo tour date in Toronto and check out what’s new in store for spring at Roots in our video below.