Canada’s Top Online Sports Gaming Apps

Canada, much like its neighbour to the south, is seeing an explosion in online gambling activity. Online apps that let you bet on your favourite sports are becoming a huge hit, offering the excitement of wagering on the big game combined with the convenience of a smartphone app. The US is seeing revenue in the millions from its recent adoption of legal online gambling in several states. Ontario is about to do the same, with sportsbook apps scheduled to launch in February 2022.

Sports betting is one of the most profitable forms of gambling, both for the companies that run it and those who play. It’s popularity comes from its regularity; unlike casino games that run mainly by chance, sports games have more expected results. Only one of the two teams in a game can win. Point spreads are trickier, but still follow a certain logic that dedicated fans can somewhat predict. The fact that sports games happen several times a week during a season also ensures consistency. It’s a pastime fans can look forward to as well as multiple opportunities to bet and win. 

With the promise of thrills and maybe some extra cash, you might be hoping to get in on legal sports betting when it hits next year. The easiest way to do it is with sportsbook apps. Upon launch, we can expect several big name brands to be available in Ontario. But which one is right for you? It depends on what kind of sports betting you want to do. To help, we’ve broken down what four of the top sports gaming apps offer. Take a look and see what you like best, so you’ll be ready when Ontario online sports betting goes down.


DraftKings is a name that many sports fans should know. It’s already huge in other parts of the world thanks to its large-scale advertising and stellar service. DraftKings was one of the first to go all-in on fantasy sports and established its name doing so. Now it offers one of the best apps for all-around sports betting. Be on the lookout for promo codes from DraftKings when the Ontario launch happens. If getting a good deal is your goal, this could be the app for you.


As DraftKings focuses more on general sports betting, FanDuel has risen to challenge its spot as the top fantasy sports service. FanDuel is the top destination for many fantasy fans and has a huge following in the US. It’s simple interface also makes it a perfect platform for first-time gamblers and fantasy league players. 


Want more risk in your sports betting? This app from an Australian company could be exactly the challenge you need. As the name implies, PointsBet is a service that specializes in point spread games. In fact, Pointsbetting is the name for a special kind of point spread where you can win more based on how many points your team goes over the spread. However, you can also lose money when your team fails the reach the point spread. You risk more to potentially win more. PointsBet is great if spreads are your go-to form of sports betting. 


The last name is an interesting one to see on this list, because MGM is known for its casinos. It runs one of the biggest spots in Las Vegas as well as major online casino apps in several markets. With all of its resources and prestige, MGM now turns to sports. You can wager on the basic sports bets with MGM, with no novelties like PointsBet. However, if you plan to also play casino games, you’ll want to sign up for MGM’s loyalty program. The progress you make on the program can be shared between casino and sports apps, and its rewards can even be redeemed at MGM’s physical resorts.