Camp Wavelength 2015: The Wooden Sky, Moon King, LIDS, DOOMSQUAD, Blonde Elvis & Slow Down Molasses

Wooden Sky - Featured-1

Day 2 of Camp Wavelength brought a number of great bands to Toronto Island and the Artscape Gibraltar Point. With an excellent turn out throughout the day, and a number of great performances by bands like The Wooden Sky, Moon King, LIDS, DOOMSQUAD, Blonde Elvis and Slow Down Molasses. Of special note was the fantastic performance by Brookyln’s Prince Rama, awesome electronic music paired with the stunning performance by singer Taraka Larson who easily stole the show.

The Wooden Sky

The Wooden Sky-2

The Wooden Sky-5

The Wooden Sky-6

The Wooden Sky-9

Moon King

Moon King-2

Moon King-3

Moon King-4

Moon King-5

Moon King-6

Moon King-9

Moon King-13

Moon King-15

Moon King-16

Prince Rama

Prince Rama-1

Prince Rama-5

Prince Rama-7

Prince Rama-9

Prince Rama-10

Prince Rama-13

Prince Rama-16

Prince Rama-17

Prince Rama-18

Prince Rama-19

Prince Rama-20

Prince Rama-22

Prince Rama-23

Prince Rama-25











Blonde Elvis

Blonde Elvis-1

Blonde Elvis-2

Blonde Elvis-3

Blonde Elvis-4

Blonde Elvis-5

Blonde Elvis-7

Slow Down Molasses

Slow Down Molasses-2

Slow Down Molasses-3

Slow Down Molasses-6

Slow Down Molasses-7

Slow Down Molasses-8