Camp Wavelength 2015: Do Make Say Think, The Weather Station, Absolutely Free, & more

Do Make Say Think - Featured-1

Camp Wavelength came to a crashing close of euphoric noise on Sunday Night with Toronto post-rock legends Do Make Say Think. Following Saturday the crowds had shrunk slightly, but those in attendance were eager to see the line up for the day. Featuring strong performances by Anamai, Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche, Pierre Kwenders, Loscil, Absolutely Free, and The Weather Station. Of particular note was being able to see The Weather Station with a full band, which helps to fill out her normally sparse sound into something truly remarkable.

Check out our photos below.

Do Make Say Think

Do Make Say Think-2

Do Make Say Think-6


The Weather Station

The Weather Staton-1

The Weather Staton-3

The Weather Staton-8

Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free-1

Absolutely Free-4

Absolutely Free-5



Pierre Kwenders

Pierre Kwenders-6

Pierre Kwenders-7

Pierre Kwenders-14

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche-1

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche-2

Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche-4